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Henna, or mehendi as it is known in the west, is a popular form of body art that originated from the Indian subcontinent. It is drawn on a person’s hands and feet with a paste made from powdered leaves of the henna plant (Lawsonia inermis). It produces a natural, rusty-red color that usually lasts several days, depending on the amount of time it is left on, or the application of various oils such as coffee, lemon, tea and essential oils to the paste.

Mehndi is a very important part of any Hindu wedding. Besides other religious rituals that take place before and during the marriage ceremony, it is considered very auspicious for the bride to have her hands and feet decorated with intricate mehndi patterns. It is believed that the more mehndi stains on a bride’s hands, the better her luck will be in her new life.

Mhandee of the most common mehndi designs are of birds, flowers and paisley. It is also very common for a bride’s wedding mehndi to contain a hidden inscription of her husband’s name. It is believed that if the groom can find his name within the intricate mehndi designs on her hands, then she will be more dominant in their conjugal life.